Truck Steering Boxes, Drag Links, Tie Rod Ends and Much More

We can supply you with exchange truck & Bus Sheppard power steering boxes, pitman arms, tie rod ends, Truck and bus Drag links and drag link ends, stearing-shafts, or just seal kits to replace that leaking seal in your strg box, we currently keep a selection of these products in stock for immediate delivery.

Vickers V10 pumps and repair kits containing shaft seal, gaskets and bearing are also kept in stock with the complete range available on overnight transport at the best pricing in the New England area.

Another product worth mentioning that we keep in stock, is a rugged inline oil cooler specifically designed for cooling the oil in systems where heats creates a problem with premature failure of seals in pumps, gears and also hydraulic hoses. These can be fitted to any vehicle where it can get cool air. They come in various sizes so you can fit in most places without any problems, call us for pricing on this cool product, or any products that will keep your truck or bus pointed in the right direction using quality manual and power-strg assemblies and spare parts from the friendly and experienced spare parts team at Truck & Auto Parts Inverell

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