Powerdown Truck, Bus & Semi Trailer Shock Absorbers

"The Powerdown Difference"
New England Truck & Auto Parts at Inverell stock only the best shock absorbers for trucks, Buses and semi trailers
Shock absorbers are required to work extremely hard on Australian roads where variable road conditions cause additional suspension movement. Couple this with extremes in temperatures and you have the main reasons why standard shocks fail. The direct result of this failure is poor handling, reduced control and excessive tyre wear.
Powerdown shock absorbers will control your bus, truck or trailer suspension by keeping the tyres in contact with the road surface, saving on wear and tear on your vehicle and getting more kilometres from your tyres.
All Powerdown shock absorbers are double acting and have been designed to provide a measured amount of dampening resistance for their specific application. Powerdown Road Train shock absorbers protect expensive suspension components and tyres from premature wear keeping your cost per kilometre under control.
Powerdown have some of the most advanced testing facilities in Australia to accurately measure the dampening capabilities of a shock absorber with one of the largest dynameters in the country. Their engineers can build prototype shock absorbers in-house and develop unique dampening forces for specialist applications.

Added to their top range of shock absorbers are air bags for trucks, buses and semi trailers, also height control valves, cab & steering dampers, a huge range of polyurethane bushes, gas springs and cate eye indicators.
For a great selection of truck, bus and semi trailer shock absorbers try the guys at New England Truck & Auto Parts

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