Exide Battery Power Centre

Truck & Auto Parts at Inverell and Moree are your EXIDE Power Centre. We stock Exide batteries to suit cars, 4wd's, trucks, tractors and heavy duty Caterpillar earthmoving equipment.
Have you ever wondered how a battery produces its electrical energy Batteries produce their power through a chemical reaction which is released when a load, such as a light globe, starter-motor or electric fan, is connected to the battery. As was observed more than 100 years ago, when two different metals are placed in a liquid capable of conducting electricity, and the metals are connected together above the liquid, electrical current flows through the connection.

The different metals are referred to as electrodes. Pure lead is used for the negative electrode (or plate) whilst a lead dioxide paste is applied to create the positive electrode. When combined, they are referred to as a cell. Two or more cells connected together are called a battery. The liquid solution is called an electrolyte which consists of a diluted solution of sulphuric acid.

The battery becomes discharged or flat when no more current flows through the cell. However the cell can be recharged by forcing electrical current back through the cell in the reverse direction.

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