4wd Engine Rebuild Kits, Cylinder Heads and Related Parts

Our engine rebuild kits are obviously the best pricing around, as 99% of our quotes for engine parts turn into sales and savings to our customers, which is our our main aim, delivering quality products at the best pricing and excellent customer service.

We can supply reconditioned motors and cylinder heads, brand new cylinder heads, cranks and cam shafts, timing belts, gears and tensioners, the list is endless, it is best to contact us for any parts you may require whether it be for petrol or diesels.

Our stock of water pumps, Belts and viscous is possible one of the most comprehensive in Northern NSW with currently over 70 water pumps and 800 fan belts in stock to suit all major makes and models of petrol and diesel 4wd's, we will get you back on the road faster.

Spare parts is all we do, we dont stock cheap lanterns, cheap seat covers or even cheap electric hand tools like SuperCheap auto, we just supply spare parts, so call the spare parts specialists at Inverell and Moree, New England Truck & Auto Parts.

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