Do you Need an Exchange Rockwell Or Eaton Differential, Or Spare Parts?

Rear Differential cores and parts are New England Truck & Auto Parts specialty as we can supply rebuilt Exchange Rockwell, Eaton and Spicer diffs, (diff centres) Diff heads are an excellent option to rebuilding your old units. The replacement parts are all genuine, which gaurantees quality control on all products while being built to the correct specifications and tolerances.

We keep an excellent stock of the Rockwell & Eaton pinion and through shaft seals, flange nuts, and bearing and seal kits are procured overnight to re-race your existing unit if that is all that is required for most makes of rear differentials.

If you need to do a ratio change on your Rockwell SSHD or RT46-160, no problem. How about a crown wheel and pinion set or any parts for your old Eaton number four diff, companion flange for your Eaton DS464 axle, Hino and Eaton 2 speed diff parts. Give us a call now, at Inverell or Moree. We have the buying power to ensure quality products and excellent pricing for Rockwell and Eaton units and parts, and other great suppliers for the japanese range of trucks, so check out our pricing and service for yourself.

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