CV Shafts for Cars & 4wd's Constant Velocity Joints & Shafts

Protex CV Driveshafts, Joints and Boot kits are all available from Truck & Auto Parts at Inverell and Moree for all makes of passenger cars and four wheel drives (4wd’s) at the best pricing.
The Protex brand has a very comprehensive range of brand new Constant Velocity Driveshafts that come complete with the inboard and outboard CV joints and high quality Protex Rubber CV Boots.
Engine power goes through the driveshaft at angle (allowing for suspension movement) to the wheels, typically on front wheel drive cars and 4wd vehicles.
Constant velocity joints are protected by a rubber boot, also called a CV gaiter. It is very important to inspect these boots on a regular basis as they are prone to tearing or cracking because of their location under the vehicle. Cracks and splits in the boot will allow contaminants in, which would cause the constant velocity joint to wear quickly.
As well as CV Shafts Truck & Auto Parts supplies all driveline and steering assemblies and components such as Universal joints, Power Steering Cylinders and boxes, Power Steering Racks and repair kits to suit the same.
Call our experienced car & 4wd spare parts interpreters for any of these items for quick delivery Australia wide, delivered to your door.

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