Heavy Duty Truck Clutches from Small up to RoadTrain Rated Trucks

Our supplier of small to medium truck clutches is one of the largest stockists in Australia, and you have the option of purchasing a new complete kit or a remanufactured exchange kit, the only difference is, in the reman kits the outer cover of the pressure plate is the only part that is reused by our supplier, the rest is brand new, but at a substantially lower price.

For heavy duty trucks, our buying power through Mack Trucks Australia gives us the opportunity to onsell to our customers at a much lower cost than our competitors on the Genuine Eaton kits, including the Eaton Easy Pedal 2000 and VCT Plus kits.

The easiest way to identify the clutch in your truck is either by the vehicle identificatication number (chassis number) or the pressure plate itself usually has a plate with a part number stamped, which can be viewed from the inspection plate, the only other decision is if organic or ceramic facings best suit your needs, eg. highway use, pulling out of mines, paddocks etc.

If you require any of these parts, call the spare parts team that can get you out of trouble faster, with less stress, and less cost, Truck & Auto Parts at Inverell and Moree

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