Pacific Air Brake Valves can Handle The Pressure

You know, finding quality air brake valves these days is extremely important, to ensure your semi trailer does not pass out, basically due to lack of oxygen in the air system.

Be careful, we are in the truck and semi trailer parts market, and believe me there is a lot of rubbish out in the air brake marketplace at the moment, make sure you only use high quality air valves for your braking system, and as it happens, we only stock quality valves.

Pacific Brake Controls is one such high quality brand, so much so, many original equipment manufacturers are now fitting the Pacific Valves on the production line.
We Stock an excellent range of the Pacific valves, including valves, hand control valves, park brake valves, brake chambers (boosters) as well as all the spare parts to fully renew your S-cam braking system.

One final note, be also very careful of the cheap brake chambers now making their way into the Australian market, if you have problems with chambers breaking out at the mounting studs, this is mainly due to cheaper lines of chambers not having the thicker reinforcement plate behind the mounting stud, be aware of what you can't see

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