Heavy Duty Ruffnut Seat Covers, (seat covers that last)

As with most things "You get what you pay for" and believe me this is a perfect example. Ruffnut seat covers are made specifically for the market that demands a heavy duty, long lasting, no excuses seat cover.
We recommend and stock the Ruffnut seat covers because this is one true product we can fully give our seal of approval and have complete faith in the claims that the manufacturer make, like a 12 month gaurantee against premature wear, will not shrink, a seat cover that is burn resistant, and because these seat covers are tailor made for each specific vehicle, it eliminates premature wear on the seat while also putting an end to that annoying rolling up that you get with the cheaper brands of seat covers.
Basically, if you are sick of fitting seat covers that dont last, try the seat cover that is designed for the hard working Australian conditions.

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